1973 The Nations of the World with Land and Sea Relief

$ 350.00

By: Replogle Globes

Date: 1973 (copyright) Chicago, IL

Dimensions: 12 inch diameter, 15 inch height

This is an intriguing 12 inch globe of Earth, made by Replogle Globes, published by the Meredith Corporation for Reader's Digest. The cartographer of the globe is noted as LeRoy M. Tolman. The globe is geopolitical with regards to its terrestrial cartography, but also a full relief globe as it includes the physical topography of not only the continental land, but sea floor as well.

Thousands underwater mountains some of which rise to the heights of becoming low lying islands are expertly illustrated and molded throughout the globe. Other underwater topographical features include mid-ocean ridges, deep trenches, subduction zones, continental shelves, and vast basins that stretch thousands of miles in all directions.

This globe was made just twenty years after geologist Marie Tharp discovered that the mid-Atlantic ridge was spreading outward from the middle, a theory of plate tectonics and continental drift that was dismissed by her superior and much of the scientific community as "girl talk." Her theory turned out to be correct and is and the gap within the ridge is clearly shown on this globe. 

It is not often that one finds themselves examining the oceans of a globe, but it is arguably impossible to do so when sitting in front of this piece. The globe rests on a crescent stand made of clear plastic with scales for determining latitude and distance in both kilometers and miles. 

Condition: This globe is in A condition with the original base and only a few minor scuffs and separations of the paper where the gores meet. 

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