1779 The East Indies... British Dominions of the Continent of India

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The East Indies including more particularly the British Dominions of the Continent of India

By: John Blair

Date: 1773 (Published) London

Dimensions: 16.5 x 22 inches (42 x 55.9 cm)

This is a highly detailed, antique map of the Indian Subcontinent, the Bay of Bengal, and surrounding territories. The map shows kingdoms, provinces, towns, rivers, lakes, bays, islands, mountain ranges, etc. It extends to Pegu and the tip of Sumatra in the east, the Himalayas and Tibet in the north and includes the Maldives and Persia.

One aim of Blair’s atlas was to provide such a framework in order to facilitate better understanding of historical annals. In addition to providing chronology the atlas provides copious amounts of historical information divided into categories such as ‘Remarkable Events of Sacred History’, and ‘Remarkable Events of Profane History’, all of which are discussed in considerable detail. These divisions are further broken down to enumerate specific people, including kings, statesmen, warriors and men of learning.

In addition to his map, Blair strove to provide an accurate chronology and history of the world from its creation to the year of Christ 1779, for it was his belief that too much time and attention were being spent on the study and discussion of historical events without a proper chronological framework in which to place them. 

Condition This map is on heavy watermarked paper is in A condition. Outline hand colouring.

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