1969 Jerusalem
1969 Jerusalem
1969 Jerusalem
1969 Jerusalem
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1969 Jerusalem

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By: Hermann Bollmann

Date: 1969 (published) Haifa

Dimensions: 21.5 x 35.5 inches (53.3 x 90.2 cm)

This stunning, bird’s eye pictorial view of Jerusalem is a  desirable first-edition vintage map by Herman Bollman. Enclosed in an attractive gold-coloured pamphlet containing information regarding the city, the map is highly collectible due to its precise and masterful depiction of the city. The dedication inside the frontispiece is a letter in German written by Teddy Kollek, longtime Mayor of Jerusalem, which describes his perception of the city, its place in history and its meaning to mankind in general.

The map is designed in minute detail, made possible in part with the aid of photography, both street-level and aerial. It depicts the city of the late sixties, which had grown up, in and around the Old City and its walls, and the Dome of the Rock. Buildings both ancient and modern are depicted in minute detail, including the newly built (at that time) parliamentary building, the Knesset.

The pamphlet provides a historical timeline of the city in English, German and French, with the last page listing places of interest and an index of numbers by which buildings on the map might be identified. The names of the city’s streets are on the map’s verso.

The map is printed on very fine paper, adding to its appeal. The border of this unique map features the name ‘Jerusalem’ as it is written in sixteen languages, modern and classical, including various Indo-European scripts, Arabic, Persian, cuneiform and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Condition: This first edition map is in A condition securely folder in its pamphlet with no tears, holes, or markings. The map can be removed from the pamphlet and flattened for an additional cost. 

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