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Grossdeutschland - WWII Map of Germany by: Harrison, 1939

1939 Grossdeutschland

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By: Richard Edes Harrison    Pub. Fortune Magazine

Date: September 1939 - New York, NY  

Dimensions: 13.75 x 22 inches (35 x 56 cm)

This is a WWII era map depicting Germany, its resources, industries, and other factors to take into consideration with regards to their potential as an adversary in war. The map appeared in the September 1939 issue of Fortune Magazine.

The work consist of eight maps presenting different data sets that include mineral, livestock, and agricultural products, basic and consumer industries, rail and aviation systems between Germany and their neighbors, as well as internal transportation systems. The first map at top left compares the population density and latitude of Germany to the United States.

The title of the map Grossdeutschland translates to "Greater Germany" or "Big Germany," which in this case refers to the idea a single German state that included Austria. The name was informally adopted by Nazi Germany after annexing Austria in March of 1938 at the very beginning of WWII.

Condition: Map is in A condition, printed on two separate sheets and professionally joined at the center. Paper is clean without any tears and the colors are vibrant.  

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