1750 Paraquariae Provinciae Soc. Iesu cum Adjacentibus Novissima Descriptio Post iterates peregrinations...

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Paraquariae Provinciae Soc. Iesu cum Adjacentibus Novissima Descriptio Post iterates peregrinations, et plures observations Patrum Missionariorum ejusdem Soc. tum hujus Provinciae, cum et Peruanae accuratissime delin.

By: Matthaeus Seutter

Date: 1750 (circa) Augsburg

Dimensions: 22.5 x 19 inches (57 cm x 48 cm)

This superb map shows the Jesuit province of Paraguay and the surrounding regions where an autonomous Christian Indian state was created on the territory of present-day Paraguay, Uruguay, and parts of Argentina and Brazil.

The beautifully engraved work shows the locations of cities, missions and villages, along with major missionary trails. In addition, the map indicates the locations of Spanish and Jesuit settlements which had already been destroyed. The Rio de la Plata (Plata River) and its entire drainage system is beautifully illustrated, from its source in a fictitious lake to its tributary far to the south. Most other details render it one of the most accurate maps of its time.

A cartouche in the upper left quadrant frames a dedication to Michelangelo Tamburino, Superior General of the (Jesuitical) Society from 1706-1730. The title cartouche names and defines the map while additional ones serve to describe symbols and to illuminate important parameters of the map. This hand-coloured map is a handsome addition to maps of the region and particularly to that period of time and the struggle between church and state which was taking place in the region.

This remarkable edition was probably issued in Augsburg by Johann Michael Probst, and is thought to be a late state of a plate first engraved by Matthaus Seutter around 1740. Seutter was the official cartographer to the Holy Roman Emperor and a leading mapmaker of the time.

Condition: This fine map is in A condition. It is engraved on heavy paper and hand-coloured.

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