1550 Cosmographia Petri Apiani, per Gemmam Frisium

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By: Petrus Apianus

Date: 1550 (Published) Antwerp

Dimensions: 15.5 x 13 inches (39.4 x 33 cm)

This is an exceptional copy of a the Latin edition of Cosmographia by Petrus Apianus, published by Gregorio Bonito out of Antwerp in 1550. All pages, the world map, and volvelles with moving parts are still intact. The Cosmographia of Petrus Apianus was one of the most popular books on cosmography ever published. It covers a multitude of subjects, including the climatic zones, uses of parallels and meridians, the determination of latitude and longitude, various map projections, phases of the moon, etc.

One of the reasons is was enormously popular was the inclusion on the volvelles that enabled one to solve practical mathematical problems relating to time telling, the calendar, astronomy, and astrology. This particular copy has an embossed seal as it was originall part of the library of a duke in England during the latter half of the 16th century.

Condition: Book is in A condition with original covers ans spine still perfectly intact. All diagrams are complete with working, movable parts, and the world map is bound nicely without imperfection.

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