Regni Hispaniae Post Omnium Editiones Locuplettissima Descriptio. by: Abraham Ortelius

1580 Regni Hispaniae Post Omnium Editiones Locuplettissima Descriptio.

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By: Abraham Ortelius

Date: 1580 (Published) Antwerp

Dimensions: 15 x 19.5 inches (38 cm x 50 cm)

This original authentic antique map by Ortelius shows the Iberian Peninsula with the Balearic Islands and parts of northern Africa. Spain is well described, with towns and cities, mountain ranges and rivers all depicted and named. Major cities and ports along the northern coast of Africa are also named.

Lovely frigates grace the waters and friendly looking sea monsters swim off the coast. There is a mileage scale in the lower left, and an ornamental title cartouche fills the lower right quadrant. This is an excellent map for someone who wants to experience the high seas, the wind and salt air, to relive the adventure of exploring this part of the world at the end of the sixteenth century.

Condition: This map is in C+ condition. There is toning of the borders and some staining, primarily of the borders. There are some rust spots in the body of the map and some tears in the borders which have been repaired with archival material on the verso as well as some loss at the corners.

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