1779 A Map of the World with the Lastest Discoveries...

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By: John Blair

Date: 1779 (Published) London

Dimensions: 16.25 x 27.5 inches (41.3 x 69.85 cm)

This gorgeous large format world map is highly detailed, depicting both hemispheres. It appeared in the atlas of John Blair, a fascinating oeuvre which was created for and dedicated to Augusta, Princess Dowager of Wales, in 1779. 

The map depicts discoveries from Cook's 1st & 2nd voyages, but not the third. The NW Coast of America is depicted, still primarily based on Russian Discoveries and including Behring's coast, Tchirikow's Coast, R. de los Reyes according to de Fonte, Fuca's Opening, the River of the West (based on Lahanton's Longue River), Aguilar's Opening, Drake's Harbor, etc. The eastern hemisphere also displays great depth of detail.

The map provides all geographical and topographical information including cities, towns, fortifications, rivers, lakes, bays, gulfs, islands and mountains. Blair’s aim was to provide an accurate chronology and history of the world from its creation to the year of Christ 1779, for it was his belief that too much time and attention were being spent on the study and discussion of historical events without a proper chronological framework in which to place them.

Condition: This beautiful hand colored map is a bold impression in superb A condition on watermarked paper. A fine example of this map.

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