1843 Geological Map of the Middle and Western States

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By:  James Hall

Date: 1843 (published)

Dimensions: 23 x 32 inches (58.5 x 81 cm)

This is a beautifully colored geological lithograph map by the iconic American geologist James Hall. The map covers most or all of the states of Illinois and Wisconsin in the west, to the New Jersey, Maryland and New York in the east. Every Great Lake except for Superior is included in the northern portion and it extends as far south as the Kentucky – Tennessee border. The map is color coded by 23 geological formations for which there is a key in the lower right. 

Hall’s map can be regarded as a landmark work as it was one of the earliest known maps to employ the “New York System,” of stratigraphic nomenclature developed by Hall and others at the New York Geological Survey.  The system emphasized the importance of paleontology for delineating geological units and introduced the concept of "type locality," a primary reference location used for defining the characteristics of geological formations. This map is the first regional application of the system, which evolved into the standard nomenclature used today for North America and much of the rest of the world.

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