1825 Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique du District de Colombie

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By: Jean Alexandre Buchon

Date: 1825 (published) Paris.

Dimensions: 17 x 24 inches (43.18 x 61 cm).

This is an authentic antique map of Washington D.C., by Jean Alexandre Buchon. The map is from the French edition of Carey & Lea's American Atlas and was published in Paris in the year 1825.

This map of Washington D.C. is colored coded by neighborhood. The map shows a detailed sketch of the city proper, including landmarks and streets. The Potomac River, the town of Alexandria, and the neighborhood of Georgetown are also displayed.

Surrounding the image is a letterpress, French text describing in detail, the economic, political, social, geographical, and historical statistics and history of Washington D.C. The text includes a population table organized by county as well as a summary of its recent history. Such a detailed as lengthy description is what separated this atlas map from the many others produced throughout the 19th century.

Condition: Map is in A condition, with full margins, bright color, and a nice impression of heavy paper.

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