1931 Schweden Suede Sverige Sweden Suecia

$ 450.00


By: A.B. Kartografiska Institutet

Date: 1931 (Published) Stockholm

Size: 23.75 x 36 inches (60.33 x 91.4 cm)

This colorful vintage travel poster was commissioned by the Swedish Traffic Association to promote tourism to Sweden, the land of ‘The Midnight Sun’. The map is filled with easily recognizable iconic images and vignettes associated with the country. Starting in the far north above the Arctic Circle we see igloos, Laplanders, mining activities and signs of significant settlements.

Farther south we see a large herd of reindeer, and myriad symbols of various industries including timber, textile, shipping, shipbuilding, fishing and agriculture to name a few. Sweden’s major cities are depicted, along with historical sites. The map is peopled with figures engaged in a wide variety of sports and pastimes. All modern means of transport are represented.

An inset in the lower right quadrant states that the ‘SASSNITZ-TRALLEBORG route is the most convenient route from Great Britain via Germany to Sweden, Norway and Finland’, and it further describes the means of transportation which facilitate travel in Scandinavia and Germany.

Condition: This original vintage poster is linen-backed and in A condition.

Inventory #11380

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