1777 A New and Correct Map of North America, with the West India Islands, Divided according to the last Treaty of Peace...

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A New and Correct Map of North America, with the West India Islands, Divided according to the last Treaty of Peace, Concluded at Paris, 10th Feby. 1763, wherein are particularly Distinguished, The Several Provinces and Colonies which Compose The British Empire. . . 1777

By: Robert Sayer

Date: 1777 (Dated) London

Dimensions: 40 x 45.5 inches (101.5 x 115.5 cm)

This important map of North America (originally issued in 1755) was issued in 1777 just after the American Revolutionary War and is the first to include the revisions based upon the surveys of Governor George Pownall.

As previously stated, the map first appeared as a separately issued work in 1755 by Bowen & Gibson. It was periodically updated to the time of the current example and beyond. It wasn't until 1775 that the map was bound into some of the most important American Atlases of its era, including those issued by Faden, Jefferys, and Sayer & Bennett. Throughout the top right quadrant of the map, Articles IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XVII, XVIII are detailed, word for word. Within this same portion of the map, an elaborate title cartouche features three native figures resting among flora and fauna, including a beaver representing this most lucrative trade, which is referenced throughout the map.

The map is loaded with details pertaining to native tribe locations, military forts, supposed river courses, topographical descriptions, and historical events. Included on the map is an inset of Baffin and Hudson's Bay as well as an inset of The Passage by Land to California, based upon Fra. Eusebio Kino's explorations to the mouth of the Colorado River. Delineated within the Caribbean are the former courses of the Spanish Galleons which plundered the riches of Latin America for well over 100 years.

NOTE: Article XX and shading does not appear in the Atlantic Ocean, which leads us to believe the lower two sheets may be from a later example.

Condition: This map is in B condition, four sheets joined with original color. There is one small hole at far left and a 2 inch tear in the lower left corner that has been repaired on the verso. The map comes with a nice frame at no extra cost except in the shipping.

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