1798 Chart of Discoveries made in 1787 in the Sea of China and Tartary... Sheet II.

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Chart of Discoveries made in 1787 in the Sea of China and Tartary, by the Bouffole and Astrolabe from their leaving Manilla, to their arrival at Kamtschatka, Sheet II.

By: Francois Galaup de La Perouse

Date: 1798 (Published) London

Dimensions: 14.5 x 19 inches (36.8 x 48.3 cm)

This is a nice example of La Perouse's important 1787 mapping of the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk, with the region from the coast of southern Kamchatka south as far as northern Japan and Korea described by the map.

Also covered are the eastern coasts of China and Siberia, Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands. La Perouse’s course with the ships Boussole and Astrolabe is charted day by day, with dates all depicted from arrival in the Sea of Japan on 27 May 1787. The course then goes north along the coast of the Sea of Tartary on past the northernmost island of Japan. Farther on it passes the Kuril Islands, finally arriving in Kamtschatka on 6 September 1787. The straits between the southern part of Sakhalin and the island of Chicha are named the ‘Strait of La Perouse’, as they are known to this day.

The map contains interesting notes including place names, mountain ranges and other topographical features, as well as depth soundings in places. French nobleman de la Perouse was a naval officer, explorer and cartographer. He was one of the titans of Pacific exploration, one whose work paved the path forward for all future expeditions to the region.

Condition: Nice colored map in B condition, with some minor foxing and light soiling in areas.

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