1760 Carte de l’Isle de la Grenade Dressee au Depost des Cartes et Plans de la Marine...

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Carte de l’Isle de la Grenade Dressee au Depost des Cartes et Plans de la Marine. Pour le Service des Vaisseaux du Roy Par Ordre de M. Berryer Ministre et Secretaire d’Etat aiant le Departement de la Marine.

By: Jacques Nicolas Bellin

Date: 1760 (Published) Paris

Dimensions: 34.75 x 22.2 inches (88.3 x 56.4 cm)

This marvelous large map – sea chart by Bellin was created for the French Royal Navy and depicts the island of Grenade, aka the Spice Island of the Windward Islands, the larger islands of the Lesser Antilles, all within the West Indies in the Caribbean.

The island is rendered in splendid detail, palpably conveying the ruggedness of its rough terrain. All physical features are described, from the heights of mountains to the numerous rivers which flow into the sea on all sides of the island. Trails and paths are detailed and described, as are all geographical features of the coastline. The upper left quadrant features an inset in which Bellin depicts the islands to the northeast of Grenade, as they would be viewed from a vantage point on Grenade itself.

Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703 – 1772) was one of the most renowned French geographers and cartographers of the eighteenth century, as well as a member of the highly influential French Enlightenment organization, the Philosophes. At the age of eighteen, Bellin was appointed chief cartographer of the French Royal Navy. He then became the first Ingenieur de la Marine of the Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine (the French Hydrographical Office) and was named Official Hydrographer of the French King. In these positions, Bellin was responsible for creating accurate coastal and sea charts for the French navy. 

Condition: This splendid map - sea chart on heavy paper is in B+ condition with worm holes in three places, two in the edges and one in the image.

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