1720 …This Map of North America According to Ye Newest and Most Exact Observations…

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To the Right Honourable John Lord Sommers…This Map of North America According to Ye Newest and Most Exact Observations…

By: Hermann Moll

Date: 1720 (Published) London

Dimensions: 23 x 38.5 inches (58.4 cm x 98 cm)

A beautiful hand colored example of one of Herman of Moll’s best and most important work depicting the Americas known as the Codfish Map.

It is widely held that his maps played a major role in shaping the perception of the Americas as lands bountiful in opportunity and wealth waiting to be harvested by those courageous enough to undertake serious endeavors there. The fishing industry in the Grand Banks was dominated by the British throughout the 17th century, and at the time, dried codfish was not only a staple of the British Navy, but a favorite throughout Europe. Thus, Moll chose to depict a detailed scene of the cod fishing industry which includes the making of cod liver oil.

Good charts are required for naval supremacy, indeed for successful navigation of any kind, and Moll’s map includes ten inset navigational charts of the most important ports in North and South America. In addition, he provides detailed information regarding the annual Spanish Convoy that made its way around the Gulf of Mexico stopping at various ports to collect gemstones, silver and gold. This information no doubt tantalized many a privateer and perhaps caused otherwise law-abiding citizens to consider a life as a privateer.

Condition: This map is in B condition. Separations and a tear have been repaired with archival material on the verso.

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