1693 Le Royaume d’Angleterre, distingue enses Provinces; Scavoir en Northumberland, Mercie, East-Angles, Essex, Kent Sussex, West-sex, et la Principaute de Galles.

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By: Hubert Jaillot

Date: 1693 (dated) Paris

Dimensions: 31 x 22.75 inches (78.7 cm x 57.8 cm)

This is the first state of this large boldly engraved map of England and Wales, and features original hand coloring. The map is based on Sanson’s cartography, thus he is credited in the title cartouche.

Printed on two sheets, the map shows counties, major cities and towns, and their architectural edifices such as cathedrals, and fortified castles and estates. Also included is considerable topography, such as forests, mountains and highlands, and all waterways. Across the English Channel, Brittany is depicted in some detail, starting from just to the east of Calais all the way around the Cape to Avranches. As in Britain, all rivers and waterways are denoted and named, major cities and smaller towns are also depicted. The Channel Islands are shown in detail.

The glorious title cartouche is composed of trumpeting angels and mermen with the royal coat of arms, flags, and military implements. The cartouche enclosing the scale of distance is also beautiful and masterfully done. In partnership with the sons of Nicolas Sanson, Jaillot re-engraved Sanson’s original map on a larger scale at a later time, and while it is based on Sanson’s cartography it is a Jaillot composition.

Condition: This map is in B+ condition. There are some minor defects in the wide margins, including some archival tape repairs. A small ink stamp of a previous owner (RWS) is in the bottom blank margin.

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