1821 Geographical and Historical Map of the British Empire

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GEOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL MAP OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. Map of England , Scotland and Ireland, indicating the Places rendered Celebrated by Battles or Seiges: Intended for the Elucidation of Lavoisne's Historical Atlas. 

By: C. Gros. based on Lavoisne

Date: 1821 (Published) Philadelphia

Dimensions: 16.5 x 20.25 (42 cm x 51.4 cm)

This authentic antique map was hand-colored when published for the third American edition of the Atlas, and depicts England, Scotland and Ireland.

The map is flanked by text describing various aspects of life including Situation and Extent, Division, Government, Courts of Law, Religion, Political Strength, Celebrated Landings plus all geographical and topographical features, and a long list of Celebrated Battles starting from the year 520 to 1798 AD. It also lists Remarkable Places and mountains, forests, rivers and lakes.

Condition: The map is in A condition with a slight centerfold separation that has been repaired on the verso with archival material.

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