1669 Pas-Caart vant Canaal, vertoonende in’t Gheheel Engelandt, Schotlandt, Yrlandt…

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By: Pieter Goos

Date: 1669 (Published) Amsterdam

Size: 17.5 x 21.5 inches (44.5 x 54.6 cm)

This interesting Goos sea chart of the British Isles would have made navigating the waters around them much easier for sailors of the seventeenth century. Such charts provided invaluable information to navigators such as enabling them to find points on the compass for charting their precise routes. In addition, dangerous natural features such as shoals and shallows are also featured. Coats of arms of each of the countries, a ship at full sail, a navigator checking his position with a cross staff, all serve to enhance the map. Two compass roses orient the map west, while another miniature compass rose serves to orient one trajectory ever so slightly more to the north.

Pieter Goos (1616-1675) was a Dutch cartographer, engraver, publisher, printer, and print-seller based in Amsterdam. He belonged to a noted family of cartographers, headed by his father Abraham, who prepared plates for many maps published in the important atlases of the time. His pilot guide, the "Zee-Spiegel," provided some of the first charts of newly explored regions in the West Indies and Western Africa, and his "Zee-Atlas" is considered one of the best sea atlases of its time. This map is a fine example of Goos' high quality, visually appealing sea charts.

Condition: This map with original hand color is in B+ condition with some soiling in the margins and in the lower left quadrant of the image.

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