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1958 Jerusalem in Panorama

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Jerusalem in Panorama Showing Historical Walls & Armistice Demarcation Lines 1948

By: S. N. Spyridon

Date: 1958 (dated) Jerusalem

Dimensions: 16 x 22 inches (40.5 x 56 cm)

Presented a panoramic bird's-eye view of Jerusalem, this map highlights the most prominent and significant buildings and locations with faint brown ink. Colored lines, explained in a key at the lower left, delineate historical walls. The map includes various stamped notations, matching the color of barbed wired boundaries that mark the territories of "Jewish Controlled" and "Arab Controlled." Additionally, there is a distinct stamp near Mt Scopus indicating "United Nations Controlled Territory," and a few other locations in between territorial boundaries labeled "No Mans Land."

The accompanying booklet would have been of great use to the historian and traveler of the mid-20th century. It begins with a romanticized introduction to Jerusalem proclaiming it "the most interesting spot in the whole world," and is followed by a historical account of the Ancient Walls and the War of the Jews with a translation provided in Greek. The booklet then lists many of the religious sites throughout the city with a brief description of each. Consulate phone numbers, a list of bus routes, and pages of advertisements fill the remaining pages and covers.

The Armistice Demarcation Lines of 1948

These were established as a result of the armistice agreements between Israel and its neighboring Arab states, specifically following the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-1949 The lines marked the areas under Jewish and Arab control, reflecting the military positions at the time of the armistice. Jerusalem was divided into East and West, with the western part of the city under Israeli control and the eastern part, including the Old City, falling under Jordanian control. 

Condition: Map is in B+ condition with some chipping to the booklet covers. Issued folded the map is securely attached to its booklet but could be removed and flattened at the request of the buyer.

NOTE: The toning on the right hand side of the map is accentuated by the scanning process and is not as dark as it may appear.

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