Middle East / Holy Land Twelve Tribes Encamped around the Tabernacle

1700 Twelve Tribes Encamped around the Tabernacle

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Map Maker: Johann Christoph Weigel

Date: 1700 circa (Published) Nuremberg

Dimensions: 12.75 x 15.75 inches (32.39 cm x 40 cm)

This remarkable authentic antique hand-colored print depicts the Twelve Tribes of Israel encamped around the Tabernacle housing the Ark of the Covenant. The Tabernacle is finely drawn at the center, drawing our attention to it. Weigel portrays a camp of symmetry and order with the tents arranged in concentric squares. The Levites are in the middle; remaining tribes farther out.

While each tribe has its own clearly-defined territory, the foreground is filled with activity in what appears to be an oasis. All work to provide basic necessities is depicted; sowing and reaping, animal husbandry, the sundry activities needed for sustenance of the tribes.

Condition: The print is in C+ condition with toning and foxing. Archival tape for reinforcement has been added at some point to the center fold on the verso, but needs replacing.

Inventory #19080

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