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A Chart of the Pacific Ocean from the Equinoctial to the Latitude of 39 1/2d. No.

By: George Anson

Date: 1748 (circa)

Dimensions: 34.5 x 11 inches (87.7 x 28 cm).

This is a rather abnormal sea chart of part of the Pacific displaying the routes of Spanish galleons between Acapulco and the Philippines. The tracks of the Spanish Nostra Seigniora de Cabadonga as well as the British Navy Commodore George Anson are also shown. A crude and rather theoretical depiction of Japan is shown in the top left opposite the coast of a portion of California. The Hawaiian Islands have yet to be mapped as this cart predates their discovery by James Cooks by about 30 years.

This particular chart was part of “A Voyage Round the World,” which recounts Commodore George Anson’s circumnavigation of the planet. Circumnavigating the world however was not the original mission of George Anson. In 1740 while England was at war with Spain, Anson set sail in a squadron composed of eight ships and 1,854 men with the intent to attack Spanish possessions and interest along the Pacific coast of South America. Unfortunately for Anson, by the time he reached Juan Fernandes, his squadron had been reduced to only three ships and 335 men. After recuperating on land, he set sail across the Pacific in search of one of the Spanish galleons filled with riches from trade between Mexico and the Philippines. On June 20, 1743, his voyage was graced with success as he managed to seize the Nuestra Senora de Cabadonga off Cape Espiritu Santo in the Philippines. Anson then concluded his voyage by sailing through the Indian Ocean around southern Africa and northwards up the Atlantic back to England. The voyage that began in 1740 with 1,854 men concluded in 1744 with only 188 men. At least they were rich.

Condition: Map is in B+ condition with a few fold separations in the margins that have been repaired with archival tape on the verso. Originally issued folded, this map has since been flattened.

Inventory #18398



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We are please to announce that tickets for the 2nd Annual Chicago International Map Fair are now on sale! To purchase Weekend Passes, tickets to the Friday Evening Cocktail Reception & Preview Night, or tickets for the Tours of the Newberry Library, click here.

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As some of you may know, Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. was responsible for putting together the 1st Chicago International Map Fair last September of 2013. The 2nd annual fair is in development and many more details will become available on the website For now, we can tell you that the fair will be held at the Loyola University Museum of Art in Chicago, October 10th - 12th of 2014. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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