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Interesting Map of the United States as it was at the End of the 18th Century June 14 2018, 0 Comments

A New and General Map of the Middle Dominions Belonging to the United States of America

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A New and General Map of the Middle Dominions Belonging to the United States of America

By: Lewis Evans published by Laurie & Whittle 

Date: 1794 (Published) London 

Dimensions: 18.75 x 25.6 inches (47.6 x 65.02 cm) 

This is a fine old color example of the Laurie & Whittle edition of Lewis Evans' landmark map published from the Surveys of Evans, Thomas Walker and Christopher Gist, 1750-51. 

Evans’ map is considered one of the most important and influential maps of the British Colonies to be published in the eighteenth century, as are the maps of Henry Popple and John Mitchell.  The map was used by General Braddock during the French and Indian War and later published by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, in 1755. Eighteen states of the map have been documented, of which this is a so-called pirated edition published by Laurie & Whittle of London. 

The map was the first to depict oil in Pennsylvania, coal in Ohio, and the first to accurately map the trans-Appalachian and Ohio River region. Evans’ map is a landmark in the history of American Cartography which became the subject of numerous scholarly texts. This is a 1794 version is a full original example of this important map, updated to reflect post-Revolutionary War details. Large inset of the region bounded by Lake Superior, the Mississippi and Alleghany Rivers. 

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Extraordinarily Detailed Map of Europe with Multiple City Plans May 11 2018, 0 Comments

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Carte Itinéraire et Politique d'Europe d'après les derniers traités de paix, Avec les plans des principales villes d'Europe.

By: Nicolas Maire

Date: 1829 (Published) Paris

Dimensions: 29.5 x 42.25 inches (75 cm x 107.3 cm)

This amazing map of Europe was done during and shortly after the major European reshufflings of borders which took place in the first quarter of the 19th century. The engaging map stretches the entire width and breadth of Europe, from the British Isles to the Ural Mountains of Russia, and from the Arctic Circle as far south as northern Africa and northern Arabia.

Maire’s map is highly detailed including major cities and smaller towns and villages, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, seas and the northeastern edge of the Atlantic. Around the map central Maire has included highly detailed urban maps of thirteen of Europe’s major cities, including Paris, London, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Constantinople, Rome, Naples, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Stockholm. These maps include the centers and outlying districts of each city, and the major rivers, ports or other bodies of water on or beside which each city was founded. Each city map is accompanied by text in French providing details of the salient features of the cities. Important edifices are named and population figures are even provided. Iceland is included in the center of the Baroque title cartouche which embellishes the map.

This grand map is encyclopedic in the information it provides, and is in fact fourteen maps in one. It would be a splendid centerpiece for any room. Little is known about engineer/geographer Nicolas Maire, but his maps testify to the important contacts he had in the government of Paris at the time he was working. In 1808 he published a small city atlas of Paris containing twenty pages and 104 pages of alphabetical listings of streets and the addresses of public offices, hotels, hospitals and other establishments of interest.

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Iconic Mid-Century Air France Map by Lucien Boucher May 10 2018, 0 Comments

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Air France Reseau Aerien Mondial

By: Lucien Boucher

Date: 1947 (dated) Paris

Dimensions: 21.25 x 35.25 inches (54 x 90 cm)

This brightly colored vintage poster-map was printed by the French government to promote its national airline, Air France, in the government’s attempts to rebuild the French economy in the years following the disastrous consequences of WWII. Air France posters are renowned among collectors and highly sought after. This poster illustrates the airline’s services to various international destinations. Each destination is designated by easily recognizable illustrations of widely-known landmarks of that country, or other stereotypical images by which the destination country would be identified.

Among the airlines of the world, Air France has always gone to great lengths in promoting the services it provides to the world, and issued a series of posters of stunning design. All are highly collectible, especially the Planisphere series to which this poster belongs, designed by Lucien Boucher.

This is one of Lucien Boucher's more iconic surrealistic map images, a scarce large format edition of his 1947 pictorial map of the world showing the routes of Air France. Boucher started producing maps for Air France as early as 1933. Boucher's work for Air France is considered an embodiment of the golden age of air travel. This map, presented as a double hemisphere celestial, was drawn and published in 1947. The present example illustrates the Americas with stylized indigenous American Indians, Australia with ostriches and Asia with exotic Garuda barges, tigers and temples.

17th Century Map of Japan and Korea as an Island by Johannes Jansson March 12 2018, 0 Comments

Map of the Day - March 12, 2018

A 17th Century Map of Japan and Korea as an Island by Johannes Jansson. 

Antique Map of the Day 3/9/2018 - The Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope by: William Faden, 1795 March 09 2018, 0 Comments

Antique Map : The Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope  By: William Faden 1795

The Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope

By: William Faden

Date: 1795 (dated) London

Dimensions: 20 x 12.75 inches (50.8 cm x 32.4 cm)

An excellent example of the second edition of Faden’s map of what is now the Western Cape Province of South Africa, originally published in 1782. The map covers the region from Klipping Island and St. Helen’s Bay in the north to False Bay in the south. Topography is well depicted, with the Drakenstein Mountains boldly engraved along the eastern coastline.

This edition includes the addition of ‘Muyzenberg about 1300 feet high’. Approximately twenty farms and individual settlements are named as are Constantia and Stellen bosch. The map is adorned by a decorative title cartouche at in the upper right quadrant featuring an elephant hunt, palm trees, and huts, with a cliff as a backdrop on which the map’s title is engraved. In addition, there are two keys. One identifies points on the mainland while the other lists the islands and bays.

William Faden, based at Charing Cross, London, was geographer to George III of England. He was one of the principal cartographers and map publishers of his time and produced some remarkably fine engraved maps. He published many maps of the British Isles, and of counties within the Isles. He also published maps of the West Indies, India and France, and at the time of the American Wars of Independence he became known for his maps of America, often showing troop movements and battle plans. His North American Atlas, dated 1776, is now a prized collector’s item as is his 1785 map, United States of North America.

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Happy International Women's Day March 08 2018, 0 Comments

International Women's Day

Europa in de gedaante eener zittende dame.

By: Anonymous

Date: 1800 (circa)

Dimensions: 6.75 x 9.25 inches (17.15 cm x 23.5 cm)

This highly unusual map depicts Europe as a satirical female figure whose head and face are Spain and whose caplet is Portugal. Italy forms her left arm holding a cup (Sicily) which she is stirring with a pair of scissors held in her right hand, which is formed by Corsica and Sardinia. Britain serves as her scarf while her flowing dress denotes the remainder of the continent. It follows the tradition of depicting Europe as a regal queen but differs from others in that it is an anti-Napoleonic version, demoting Europa from a queen to a middle-aged housewife. The figure is superimposed over a map which shows political boundaries of the day. The map was based on a similar one by Francois Bohn, circa 1794.

Condition: This marvelous hand colored map is on watermarked paper with a strong impression. It is in A condition.

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